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The Technology behind Ronin

Ronin is the most effective data mesh on the market today. The power behind our platform is the unique way in which we are able to take your business logic, and apply it at the point of data creation, therefore enriching your data earlier and faster than any other product available today.

There is no finer data alchemy. Ronin, Empowering Your Data.

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Powered by a highly resilient and scalable data streaming & stream processing engine, RCE leverages advanced data science and proventechnology to ingest and analyze vast amounts of high-frequency, high volumedata (logs, metrics, traces and transaction) uniformly to deliver unmatchedclarity, insights, and performance.

Key Advantages


Software Defined Ingestion

Core to the RCE Platform is its ability to ingest a virtually unlimited amount of high-frequency data, utilizing our advanced ingestion module, whilst efficiently capturing data in real time.

Ronin can Ingest data from unlimited sources, via push mechanics or pull mechanics, using agent based approaches or via REST APIs, GRAPHQL APIs or CDC monitoring.

Data flows through a real-time streaming analytics processor and is ultimately stored (sunk) in secondary storage facilities for retroactive on-demand analysis and visualization.

Scalable Distributed Stream Processing

We operate with a JVM-less distributed computation platform,  our components are infinitely scalable and only limited by the physics of the underlying infrastructure. Our platform has been scaled to run across thousands of machines supporting mission critical use cases.

Low-Latency Distributed Computation

Bring Computation to the data & not the other way around, with RCE’s unified computation model, topologies of business logic computations can be applied to data across heterogeneous mediums of storage. Support for real time computation on both memory-first / disk-backed runtime substrates.

Intuitive Interface

The RCE platform enables users to automate just about anything, and supports the seamless development of solutions and platforms that leverage its capabilities. The interface allows users to manually (UI) or programmatically (API) configure the platform, and enables administrators to: manage accounts and users; restrict permission of individual users within an enterprise through role-based access control (RBAC); manage integrations; configure alerting; and easily perform analytics, create visualizations, and build dashboards.

The RCE Platform is different!

The RCE Platform is the only data fabric and analytics platform capable of handling unprecedented data volume, up to billions of logs, metric, traces and transactional streams, in real time to drive critical business insight and value.

Unlimited Scalability

The RCE platform is purpose-built to offer unlimited scalability — in number of devices and sampling frequency – to keep up with the exponential growth of data in modern day enterprise, infrastructure and IoT.

Real-time analytics

Our low-latency protocols and JVM-less implementation allow for highly predictable run-time characteristics which enables unparalleled handling of high sampling frequencies, at intervals as fast as a millisecond, enabling users to derive new levels of real-time insight and business value.

Unlimited retention and data access

Our scalable, general-purpose data streaming components provides unlimited retention, eliminating the need to shut off or delete operational data. RCE’s unique technology supports large-scale data compression, allowing users to save everything and have their data easily accessible, at costs others can’t match.

Deploy Anywhere, Bring your own cloud (BYOC) account, bare-metal infrastructure, or run on the ronin cloud ( Your data at the location that makes the most sense to your business.

(Coming Q1 2022).

Data intelligence at your fingertips

The RCE Platform works with any tech, at any scale, ingesting data at unprecedented levels to deliver unmatched clarity, insights, and performance. Powered by a highly resilient and scalable data fabric systems, the RCE Platform leverages advanced data science and proven technology to ingest and analyze vast amounts of high-frequency / high-volume data, providing new levels of business impact and insight.

Ronin delivers high value business intelligence and unmatched market innovation at the speed of your inspiration.
Ronin, Empowering Your Data.