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Anti Money Laundering

Criminal networks constantly look for ways to “beat the system” in order to move their money around. Modern businesses are regulated and obligated to ensure they can provide transparency into their transactions, and act when needed. When you have tens of thousands of transactions happening 24x7, you are presented with a specific challenge of being able to allow a frictionless process for the known good transactions, and an efficient, fail proof and robust process to identify and stop the bad ones.

Using the Ronin platform, we can provide you with deep insight into each and every transaction. Ronin delivers comprehensive screening services based on your business logic and criteria, detailed insight into all your transactions, customizable risk scoring, again based on your business appetite, Fund tracking from source to destination and transaction reporting, highlighting Indicators of Interest, such as large cash transactions.

Ronin delivers all of this, at near real time speeds, empowering your data.

Identity Verification

Imagine being able to verify someone’s identity, based on something they have, cross referenced to something you know, beyond reasonable doubt, at near real time speeds. Giving your business a powerful competitive edge. Our Ronin platform is able to recognize multiple forms of identification collateral, such as passports, Government issued ID cards and other photographic ID, read and process the data on each different type of collateral, review that against data held on record, and enable your business to make effective decisions at near real time, enabling you to engage customers and deliver services at scale and speed.

Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses today are required to verify their customers against regulatory defined criteria in order to commence some form of service offering.The Ronin platform is uniquely designed to deliver this capability at scale and velocity. Using our Identity topology, we enable your business to comply with these regulations, providing detailed dashboards and reporting, driving your business to make intelligence framed decisions and comply with your legal and regulatory obligations.

Monitoring & Continuous assessment

Being able to create visibility into your technical ecosphere and identity then manage issues even before they happen, is vital to a digital driven business.The Ronin monitoring platform enables your organization to identify and resolve numerous problems, across your complete technical stack, before they can adversely affect critical business processes. Ronin delivers deep insight into the status of physical, virtual, and cloud systems and help ensure availability and performance of your services, enabling you to deliver the very best of value to your customers.

Platform logging, event management

Any successful digitally enabled business needs to be able to ensure the availability and integrity of its environment at all times. Customers need to trust a business in order to engage, and the systems need to be available for the customer to use them.

The Ronin platform successfully delivers a fine combination of logging, monitoring and observability. Ronin is able to ingest data from multiple data sources, not just event logs, we deliver near real time compute capability that begins assessing the data the very nanosecond your business generates it. Ronin ensures you don’t need to use different systems to sift through logs then events and ingest them into a single function in order to make a decision as to how this affects your business. Ronin successfully delivers all of this functionality, in a single pane view, at near real-time speeds, at enterprise scale, regardless of the data sources.

Data Streaming & Anomaly detection

Being able to stream data, from multiple data sources, is a powerful tool in a digital business arsenal. Each data source sends a magnitude of records, simultaneously, and in potentially small sizes. This data can be processed through time-series data analytics techniques to report what is happening in your environment. But what happens if you need to inspect that data for something, maybe an anomaly. Now you are tasked with breaking down each small chunk and assessing it based on some form of criteria, such as an Indicator of Compromise.

The Ronin platform was born to handle these situations. This is the hard front line that Ronin was raised on. Where many companies operate a two-tier approach, of a storage tier and a processing tier, Ronin excels. Ronin is optimized to begin your business logic process at the moment of data generation, as your data makes its way from the source, Ronin is able to being the processing and decision making. By the time the data reaches its destination, your business is already equipped with the necessary tools to manage this scenario. Ronin enables you to introduce new indicators, to scan and search your real time data as well as replay previous data in order to support your detection capability. Ronin empowers your business to perform complex analytics, in a simple format.

Platform access and identity

The protection of your business crown jewels is of paramount importance. No matter if its customer data, patent information, strategic documents, they all need to be protected from compromise or misuse. Some of these artifacts enable your business to have a huge advantage over your competitors, and therefore must be controlled so that only people authorized are allowed access.The Ronin Identity platform enables you to deliver the core properties required to support the authentication, authorization and access to your business-critical systems. Ronin is able to support multiple methods of identification and authentication. Providing a Single Sign On platform, that offers a seamless integration into your protected data, Ronin demonstrates minimal impact to your customers or colleagues. Low friction services allow for rapid identification and then authorization, meaning your data is available at speed but in a safe and controlled manner. Finally, Ronin consumes all these security events into the platform, creating insight and visibility into your data.
Ronin, Empowering Your Data.